TeamS are Stronger!

Making and breaking habits is hard. And really, that is what's at the core of Revolution Twelve. Whatever your motivation for taking part in a challenge, it's likely that the biggest factor which will impact how much you get out of it, is simply how well you can stick at it.

Most of the challenges involve creating a new routine or daily practice, or abstinance of some kind. Being part of a supportive network will massively increase your chances of building a robust habit. 

That's where Teams come in. We've found that a group of between 4 and 8 people is about perfect for offering the right mix of encouragement and discussion, without becoming a burden on your time.

Most challenges are pretty open ended. We set a theme and some broad perameters or ideas, and it's up to you to decide how best to interperet each month and set your own specific goals. Teams help here too. Habits are way more likely to stick when you are accountable. So after deciding on your own definition of the challenge, the simple act of sharing it with your Team means you're significantly more likely to achieve your goal.

Join Your Team

The fact that you are reading this page means that someone has invited you to take part in Revolution Twelve. Lucky you! To join in, there are two things you need to do. First, join your Team's WhatsApp group. You might have already done this, but if not, you should be invited by your champion soon. Secondly, fill out the form below and we'll send you regular Hacks & Ideas to help steer you through each challenge.

The challenges won't always motivate everyone all the time. You might feel like some months life gets in the way too much. That's cool. There is no obligation to take part in every single month and you can drop out at anytime.

If you enjoy the challenges, please help spread the word! If your Team isn't too big alread, you can share this web page with them and invite them to your WhatsApp group. Or you can direct them to the Join In page of the website to sign up as a champion. And if you want to post on social media about your experiences, good and bad, please use the hashtag #Rev12.

Good luck with your challenges and have fun!