The October challenge >>>

BUY Nothing NEW!

Commit this month to buying only consumables or second hand goods...


Tell me more...

The slightly depressing message is that in the capitalist neoliberal world we have been born into we have been sold a material dream; that we deserve to have pretty much anything we want. With the rise of online shopping and next day delivery, often the things we think we need can be delivered right to our door at the click of a button. 

Consuming less material things is demonstrably good for us and the planet. By buying less we save money, we learn to rely less on material things to bring us happiness, our houses are less cluttered, we create less waste and stop feeding into the cycle of demand (and supply).

We can also learn to be more aware of things we buy, considering if we really need them and changing our habits, perhaps buying more things second hand. We often hear that to 'reuse' is better than recycling and recent news seems to suggest that people are buying more second hand goods. If you are a bit of a fashion addict check out this Guardian article about buying second hand.

But this month is not just about the benefits of buying second hand, it's also about the benefits of going without (even if temporarily). The ethos of Rev12 is to go gentle, and we still want to bring that to this month, but we also want to invite you to take on the challenge of this month, which is about abstinence of the material kind. Bringing more attention to our purchasing habits, slowing down, asking more clearly if we really need something. 


The (suggested) RULES

  1. Consumables are OK: It's obviously OK to buy food. We also include things like toothpaste, washing up liquid & toilet roll... You can think about what you consider consumable in your life as it may be different for each of us (e.g. if you are a contact lens wearer you probably want to buy those this month).
  2. Refrain from buying anything non-consumable new: Try not to buy any item that is brand new. So, no new clothes, books, homeware, shoes, technology the list could go on!
  3. Second hand goods are OK: If you really feel you need something, or need to scratch that shopping itch, see if you can find it in a charity shop or on eBay. 
  4. Don't be hard on yourself if you accidentally do: See below...

Take it a bit further...

Notice: Be aware of each time you want to buy something new (or even if you accidentally do or decide to), perhaps even making a note of it. 

Reflect: Take time to think about your desire for the item; do you really need it? Is buying this thing a habit (you always get something from this place)? Is it to get a sense of pleasure or reward (I've had a hard week and I deserve it)? Taking time to explore these factors may help to break cycles of behaviour that have existed for some time.

Change: Use this increase in awarenss to change your buying habits.