2019 So Far

Things we have learnt, what we have tried, what has worked and what hasn’t in the world of Revolution Twelve in the first quarter of 2019… January – we took up veganism for a month. Fitting in with the Veganuary movement, which has become quite well established this year. Most … Read More


I’m not finding this whole ‘not drinking’ thing very hard, not very hard at all. Having given up every year for 10years for about 6 weeks over lent probably helps. I’ve also been thinking about giving up for a while so am still in the, ‘I feel good about this … Read More

More Free Beer!

My second encounter with free beer last night and first with a confused reaction when I turned it down… I’m playing in a band at a local event in a couple of weeks time. Part of the deal is that we get free beer. The person organising the band collared … Read More

Free Beer!

Conflicting emotions yesterday afternoon as, at the end of a workshop day which I attended, free beers were offered up for a networking session… My frugal, freeloading natural state had to be suppressed as I sheepishly poured myself a glass of tap water. Socially, it wasn’t an issue at all … Read More


I don’t think I have a particularly addictive nature, but I still get urges to have a drink now and then. On Saturday evening our twins were being particularly challenging at bed time and I definitely found myself thinking that it would be nice once they were finally asleep to … Read More

Alcohol: Likes & Dislikes

Things I like about alcohol, or that I will miss when giving it up: It tastes nice. Or at least most of what I drink these days does. I like feeling tipsy. Not drunk, but being a bit loose and floaty is nice. I feel more confident, socially. I still … Read More

How Much Do I Drink?

I consider myself a light-to-moderate drinker. But I’m not certain. I don’t go out much these days (young kids), but I do like a beer or glass of wine of a weekend. Or sometimes of a Tuesday. I reckon, on average, I probably consume in the region of 3-6 glasses … Read More

The Beginning

As I begin my first month of Revolution Twelve… no alcohol… I’m embarking on a journey which I feel at first appears quite individualistic but which I think potentially has much bigger implications. You see I’m not just giving up alcohol (or doing all the other 11 things) just for … Read More

Giving Up Booze

One of the nice things about taking on a challenge for a limited period is that it provides an opportunity and a reason to read around the thing and become better informed, in addition to actually doing the thing… We’re looking at giving up booze in October. It’s something we’ve … Read More