What is Revolution Twelve?...

A series of monthly challenges which embrace positive change, both personally and for society as a whole. Join the adventure, become a champion, create a community to support each other on this journey we call life.

Why take part?

We belive there is something to be said for the feast and fasting which has been a part of human existence for millenia. There is something deeply rooted within us which connects us to the seasons and to cycles; daily, monthly and yearly. Something lost for much of modern society.

We also think there is a desire for most people to find ways of self improvement and to think about their place in and impact on the world. 

We think Revolution Twelve can be a synthesis of these two ideas and can help people to achieve meaningful change within themselves and in wider society. 

We've set up Revolution Twelve as a way to manage self-improvement, to create some ritual in life, to have regular periods of feast and fasting and to do this as part of a small community of others.

So, how does it work?

Each month of the year, we take on one challenge. It is a way to focus on a single, acheivable goal for a period of time which we think works well - a month is short enough to not be daunting, but long enough to feel real change and a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Each challenge fits with either the idea of FEAST (take something up) or FAST (abstain from something).

Each challenge sets out some guidelines and ideas for you to define your own challenge.

We've found that a key part to self-improvement is actually the support you receive and so we have created the idea of building 'communities' of Rev12ers by having a Champion, someone who can cheerlead a small group of you through each month. To find out more head to the JOIN IN page.

The thing about changing habits, giving things up or taking up new things is that, well, it's hard sometimes. There's a ton of evidence though, which shows that making a commitment publicly and having a support network can massively increase the likelihood of you sticking to your goals.